Gel Toe Nail Polish

Gel polish is painted over natural toe nails to give a clean, perfectly polished look. Gel polish applies over the nails very smoothly, in the same or a similar way that nail polish or varnish does.

We use Gel nail products as they give an amazing finish and last for a long time.

We use an LED lamp to dry and harden off the Gel. This makes the finish incredible, blemish free and also speeds up the drying and curing process. Remember that your nails will continue to grow in the normal way and depending on how fast they grow, you may or may not need infills.

Gel nails are the very best available in the UK today and look fantastic. The finished nails are very durable, resistant if not impossible to crack and will not chip in the same way that traditional nail polishes or varnishes do.

How long will Gel Nails last?

Gel nails will last for up to 14 days until it is soaked off. The length of time that you go between having your gel nails re-done varies. Most of our clients come back about once every two to three weeks. Who wants the same finish on their nails for much longer than that?

Gel will not peel, chip or fade.  A complete set of 10 nails takes about 30 – 40 minutes to complete depending on how much preparation work is needed to prepare your own nails to receive the coatings.