Bio Mechanics Insoles


If you’re affected by issues such as foot pain, ankle pain or back pain, a biomechanical assessment could benefit you. A biomechanical assessment allows us to understand the impact of forces and stress on a person’s body. It can also help prevent the problems caused by sports and other physical activities.

At your appointment, we’ll spend time finding out about you and your lifestyle to allow us to find the right solution for your issue. We’ll also look closely at areas such as your muscle strength, the range-of-motion you have in your lower limb joints and other issues. Your biomechanical assessment will mainly focus on your hip, knee and ankle joints and may include gait analysis, using the latest technology.

We’ll use all this information to create a treatment plan which matches you and your lifestyle. If your condition is caused by a mechanical imbalance of a joint, our clinicians may prescribe orthotics. Orthotics are devices designed to improve the way in which joints are aligned and take the form of shoe inserts or custom-made insoles.

Laser technology is one method of capturing images of the foot for prescription orthotics. However, there are alternative methods that may be preferred by practitioners including plaster casting or bio-foam mould, both of which we can accept at our laboratory.

Orthotics are insoles that are custom designed for your feet. To get the specifications and individual needs for your feet we use 3D laser scanning which creates a 3D picture of your foot this with all the other information is sent to our laboratories where there orthotics are made on CNC machinery created. When you start wearing the new insole it will begin to correct the alignment of your foot which will be reflected in your body. These orthotic insoles will help to relieve any pain from tissue strain or abnormal structures in the body.

It may be discovered after assessment that custom orthotic is not necessary and ‘off the shelf’ variety will do the job, this is generally the case for sporting individuals or people with minor mal-alignments.

Insoles Available

Sole Mates massaging insoles  £35.00  assessment needed.


Formthotics £99.00 assessment needed as these are made to fit foot

Custom Made flip-flops

Get ready for summer with the launch of our individually designed, corrective custom made flip flops and sandals.
Launching Mid May. Product details and styles to be added shortly.

For further information whilst we are constructing this page please call 07800 844 384

Multiple base and top cover combinations to chooses from: